Friday, May 22, 2009

What is Positivity


According to Maths Positive is + and Negative is - . Positive means adding goodness, richness to life . Negative means remove goodness and richness from life . Everyone needs positive thoughts , to gain success and glory but negative thoughts are more powerful than positive thoughts . Think We don't live always in negative thoughts , it is temporary but negative thoughts are so powerful , our all positive sense stop working when any negative thoughts come in mind .

- We always looks at some people , always says , "I believe all things are better than past , I am happy" , however nobody claim that he is happy , because there is no Calculator to count happiness . Can you say once "I believe , I am happy" no , why ? because nobody is complete , every one have lack , We want to remove our lacks but if could not remove lacks it becomes negative and you says "I believe , every thing is not good" . Like every persons needs money , respect , better living condition , reputation but whenever obstacles comes in they way of these basic needs we gets tensions. This starts negativity , however it is temporary . Meditation can help us to fetch positiveness from conditions. I will tell you later how to be positive in life through meditation.

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